RAKUGO: Japanese Comedy Show in English

May 31st, 2019



Rakugo is a Japanese traditional comedy with a history of 400 years. Rakugo is a very simple performance. It has no scenery or makeup, but one performer in a kimono just sitting and acting. A rakugo performer plays a lot of roles all by him/herself such as a man, a woman, an animal, a child, a samurai, a geisha, and a ghost. A rakugo performer uses no other props than sensu, a folding fan, and tenugui, a piece of thin cotton cloth. He/She expresses a variety of things such as chopsticks, a paint brush, scissors, a book, and tokkuri, a sake bottle. Also, a rakugo story always finishes with a punch line. This way, rakugo is performed on zabuton, a seat cushion that is the smallest stage in the world. In recent years, English rakugo, performing classical rakugo in English, is attracting attention. It is an entertainment enjoyed together from beginners of English to native English speakers. These days, it has become familiar as a teaching material of English studies for both children and adults. English rakugo is performed not only in Japan but also overseas and is gaining popularity.
Performer Profile
Someta Hayashiya
Someta Hayashiya was born in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. After graduating from Kansai University, he was apprenticed to Somemaru Hayashiya IV. Currently he is based in Tenma Tenjin Hanjotei in Osaka, and appeared on nationwide rakugo show ,television and radio.
And he won a Grand Champion at the young rakugo performer’s contest.
On the other hand, he is good at English, Spanish, French rakugo. He performed in New York, Seattle, Atlanta, London, Spain, France and Mexico.

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